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Sponsor and Exhibitor at MarkLogic World 2012

30 Digits has a long standing and successful partnership with MarkLogic. Together powerful solutions have been designed, built, and implemented for leading oil and gas institutions and financial services organizations. Two strong examples of that are in the Risk Management and Customer On-Boarding areas.

For one of the top three oil and gas providers in the world, an Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) system was created which allows information from all over the world to be monitored for evaluation of risks and quick response. The 30 Digits Web Extractor gathers the information from all over the world (no matter the language or encoding), structures that data, and delivers it in clean XML to the MarkLogic Server. The response team is alerted of any breaking news which could require intervention. They can then access the system, evaluate the risk, and take the appropriate action. The team is also able to analyze risk in regions where investment in resources and infrastructure are being evaluated. This is all available through an intuitive interface which allows analysis over time and geography. The results are more timely and better informed decisions and a safer environment for workers.

Another example is for one of the world’s leading investment banks. With the continued pressure on financial institutions to understand their customers better, provide better service, and stay compliant with regulatory agencies and policies, a unified Customer On-Boarding solution will not remain an option much longer. Being ahead of the curve, this institution brought in 30 Digits and MarkLogic to gather data from the multitude of diverse sources into one system. The system provides not only the power of an Enterprise Search on top of all of the data but can also be that one data source and even provide transactional capabilities. All the while, this system maintains the sensitive and complex security policies across the different client information associated with different product areas. The ROI is twofold in increasing revenue from new and existing customer as well as the savings in consolidating the IT infrastructure.

These solutions and many more will be presented and discussed at MarkLogic World 2012. If you would like to know more about the power of bringing the 30 Digits Extractors together with MarkLogic Server, visit us in Washington D.C. on May 1-3 at the Ronald Reagan Building. For more details on the conference see the main website (www.marklogicworld.com) or contact us directly at 30 Digits www.30digits.com/contact/.

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