29.08.2011 - 

30 Digits Experiences Tremendous Growth with Significant New Customers and Product

Only three and a half years old, 30 Digits has established itself as a serious player in the Information Access and Retrieval market. They started in Germany and picked up several customers there and quickly moved on to the United Kingdom. Customers and partners are now spread across Europe, North America, and South America.

In the Internet Harvesting sphere, they have added another leading company in the review analysis market to their current customer list. In the ETL or data migration market, one of the largest financial institutions in the world has chosen them to consolidate their data and make it more accessible.

In just the last several months they have not only expanded their customer base but also their offerings. The Web Extractor, always being developed and improved, now provides JSON data feeds which have data from any number of data sources which has been normalized and quality checked. The internal extractors now include ones for Alfresco and Documentum. An Extractor for Lotus Notes Domino is also slated for September. Many more are in the works for other data sources and types like Moodle for eLearning.

Partnerships also continue to increase as more companies discover the powerful tool set which 30 Digits has to offer that can be applied to a multitude of IT challenges. Just one example of that is the partnership with an eDiscovery start-up which could change the shape of EDD particularly in the small to medium size business claims market.

With more Extractors and other functionalities continuing to roll out of the development department and sales efforts increasing in existing geographies and beginning in Asia, there appears to end to the growth and possibilities for 30 Digits.

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