29.11.2011 - 

Targeting Emerging Markets & Seeking Top Partners

From the beginning, 30 Digits was not limited by geographical boundaries. While being based in Germany, the majority of business of the company has come from beyond its local clients. As markets in South America and Asia continue to grow and mature and even surpass their European and North American counterparts, 30 Digits is poised to ride this wave to the proverbially shore.

One may ask how a relatively small and young company can do this. Two aspects make this possible, and 30 Digits has grasped them both. First, the Internet erases the traditional borders of trade and communication. Webcasts, emails, and IP telephony are integrated in the day to day lives of 30 Digits employees from sales to support. These growing markets seize on these technologies as well as low cost methods to reach out to high quality solutions beyond their reach and are less constrained or requiring those face to face meetings.

Secondly, partners are a key part of the 30 Digits strategy. Local partners know their market, have the right contacts, and can build relationships. 30 Digits has partner models for SaaS, OEM, Resellers, System Integrators, and more. They take the time and effort to understand their partners’ business model and approach to the market and build a win/win/win partnership.

Soft Consultoria was the first of these strategic partnerships bringing 30 Digits into Brazil. That partnership continues to flourish and expand the reach into South America. Now the same thing is being replicated in India. The first customer in Singapore was just signed up last month. Interest from potential partners in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Melbourne point to more growth and a bright trajectory for 30 Digits.

The gathering and structuring of Internet data with the award winning Web Extractor as well as the data extraction and normalization behind the firewall are challenges that companies face wherever they are. 30 Digits plans to bring its solutions to as many as possible no matter the distance. They continue to seek out the right partners to deliver their technology to the highest standards and into the markets with the most growth potential.