29.09.2011 - 

Beta Release of Lotus Notes and Facebook Extractor by 30 Digits

The development team in Munich has been hard at work on bringing out the latest Extractors. After long hours of coding and testing, 30 Digits announces that the Lotus Notes and Facebook Extractors are ready for beta release. Now the team can head off to the Oktoberfest for a well deserved beer.

Once the celebrations on the Wiesn are finished, one may want to put the data in that Lotus Notes system to use or access the social media stored in Facebook. 30 Digits continues to reach deep into companies’ vaults of information to surface those key documents and important figures. Simultaneously, they reach out into the Internet to retrieve data from the biggest data store that has ever existed.

The Lotus Notes Extractor goes through all of those NSF files, makes sense of them, and delivers them in the format you need for processing. It can even send them off to a search engine that people can find them whether the data be local or remote. The data can also be emails, notes, address books, databases, chat, and more. We turn what could be a nightmare of sorting through a large and complex system into a simple reproducible process.

Wanting data out of Facebook? Having trouble with a web crawler, spider, or scraper? APIs too costly and complex to use and adapt? The 30 Digits Extractor taps directly into Facebook and gathers the data needed, quickly and efficiently. Posts, events, friends, and more are all available.

To learn more about these new products and accessing data sources and making the most of the information, contact a 30 Digits representative and request a demo.

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