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Extracting data from a database or other content repository that it can be processed by a search engine or an XML based application may sound simple at first. When one begins to deal with the details of it though such as the following:

  • how to deal with vast amounts of data quickly,
  • documents stored in fields with meta-data in related fields,
  • relationships spanning several tables,
  • deletions and changes in the database,
  • and many other hurdles.

The job starts to sound like something that a company is likely to pay a Database Administrator a great deal to accomplish and more every time even something minor changes.

Hence, 30 Digits has developed the Database Extractor to simply and quickly handle these issues.

The Database Extractor is designed to crawl any database type with little to no knowledge of the tables, fields, and architecture. It has a simple user interface that is easy to use for non-technical users that need to extract the data but do not have the time to spend learning a database system and may not have the assistance of a database administrator. It also retrieves binary files like Microsoft documents, PDFs and images. The context of the data in its relationship to other data in related fields and tables can be maintained as the Database Extractor easily handles 1 to 1, 1 to many, and many to many relationships. Once all the data is extracted from the database, it is then fed to the desired search engine or other application in XML or another defined text format.



3 Points make the DB Extractor unique and powerful among other database connectors

  • It can connect to nearly any database and extract text out of all common document types.
  • The data can then be delivered to multiple systems and multiple formats.
  • It is extremely easy to use and configure through it’s graphical interface that no prior knowledge of the data structure is necessary, and even someone without any DB administration skills can easily manage it.

Supported Databases

The Database extractor uses JDBC drivers to connect to the various database management systems. Thus, any database that already has a JDBC driver (which is nearly all) can be crawled by the Database Extractor. Here is a list of some of the most common: Oracle, MS-SQL, MySQL, Postgres, ODBC, MS Access, Ingres, Informix, IBM AS/400 and DB2. Click on the following link for a more comprehensive list supplied by Sun: jdbc drivers link.

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