Database Offloading

Have a database system that is troublesome to get data out of?

Are the queries on your database too slow, complicated, or giving back terrible results?

Do you want to reduce the amount of hardware your database system uses?

Would you like to spend less on licensing?


Database Offloading accomplishes just those things. In essence, it takes over a job that a database was never really designed for in the first place. The syntax and style of the database query language (typically SQL) was designed for transactions, precision, and essentially for a software program to communicate with a data collection. Search engines, on the other hand, were designed for people to find information. They come with some nice benefits that database searches do not like:

  • Linguistic helps
    • Help with misspellings
    • Word stemming to capture variations on the same terms
  • Navigation guides
    • Facets, topics, or category filtering
    • Dynamic clustering based on search terms

Additional benefits can also be added to improve discovery

  • Synonym lists
  • Taxonomy navigation
  • Tagging

Features can also be added to provide value added services on the data

  • Topic alerts
  • Finding similar documents
  • Reviewing documents
  • Bookmarking and sharing documents

The beauty of all of this is that because of the intrinsic architecture of a search platform the solution has some wonderful side benefits

  • Queries are much more efficient, in some cases 100 times faster
  • Less hardware is necessary
  • There is no limitation by or knowledge needed of the tables, fields, or structure of the database to search it

This all adds up to making the solution

  • accessible for everyone,
  • providing a better service to the data than before possible, and
  • reducing costs.

That sounds great, but you may be still asking

  • How do I get the data out of the database and into the search platform
  • What about our security?

This is where 30 Digits solution shines above any other solution on the market.

First, our Database Extractor has a graphical user interface in it that is so intuitive that anyone with the slightest background in databases can configure (no DBA required). It accesses nearly any database and is easily modifiable should anything change in your database. If you would like to speak to someone about Database Offloading, contact us at

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