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Financial Services & Banking Industry has a New Partner for ETL solutions in 30 Digits

Growth through Mergers & Acquisitions, Terabytes on Terabytes of data, multiple custom security models and methods, dozens of different data repositories, strict regulations, poorly scanned documents, and many other hurdles have all been overcome by 30 Digits to provide state of the art ETL solutions for the finance industry. Financial services companies and banks alike know there are major costs to maintaining so many different repositories for data which has accumulated over the years through various internal projects and acquired companies with their own set of systems. Many shy away from consolidating and updating them due to the significant technical challenges in moving and standardizing the information as well as handling the transition period. As documents and information continue to flood in, the value of having this mission critical data easy to find and use continues to grow. Thus, these institutions have begun to turn to 30 Digits with its long experience in data extraction and security mapping expertise. All aspects of the ETL (Extraction Tranform Load) process are handled with precision, speed, and flexibility.

    “The goal and key to our success in ETL is through taking a complex multifaceted problem and solving it through standardized repeatable processes while maintaining the flexibility necessary to fit our customer’s environments and needs. Their success is our success.”
    Managing Director, Justin Gilbreath
Extraction can be performed on any source. Many common repositories like file systems, databases, document management systems, and content management systems are ready out of the box. The Extractor framework can be quickly tailored to meet any system even custom ones through given APIs or direct access to the back-end data. The speed of gathering the data can scale up to handle tight deadlines or brief down times. It can also be tuned to work in the background without disturbing normal use of the source system. Only deltas of new and changed data are acquired for efficiency.

The source system never looks or works 100% like the target system. Many pieces of data can be obscure, split, or only valuable in certain context. Hence handling the transformation of the data is key to it being useful in the new system. With 30 Digits, a host of business and logic rules can be setup on fields, documents, folders, or any other grouping to be applied consistently across the data to transform it. These can all be setup through an intuitive graphic interface whether it be as simple as transforming 0s and 1s to male and female, performing currency computations, or merging and changing fields based on values in other fields.

Data can even be enriched through the transition process. New data can be created based on existing data and context. Companies, people, and organizations can be found in the text and tagged to the document for later processing, sorting, and searching. Scanned documents in image or PDF formats can even be run through OCR to provide a text version of the documents.

Finally, loading the data into one or multiple systems happens smoothly and over the native input methods of the target systems. The solution speaks directly to the system providing the binaries, meta-data, and any enriched information in the format of choice. This can be done both with live updates from the source system or in batches. These always include the necessary security values to maintain the security on the document at all times and in sync with the source system even as changes take place.

The above mentioned features and functionality only begin to scratch the surface. Many more points which separate 30 Digits from pack and make their tools truly “enterprise ready” could be mentioned such as AD/LDAP integration for administrative users to high availability capability for mission critical applications. 30 Digits ETL solutions can be implemented and put into action within a fraction of the time, cost, and difficulty of competing solutions. The success rate is 100% though experience and expertise with tools that have been built, tested, and used in the most challenging of projects. 30 Digits is ready to work with you today to solve your most challenging ETL project.

About 30 Digits
30 Digits GmbH (www.30digits.com) is a vibrant young company built on the experience of search veterans, the power and speed of development from the open source community, and innovative ideas for the information retrieval and access market. 30 Digits focuses primarily on harvesting, structuring, and enriching data from the Internet with its Web Extractor, handling large scale ETL projects, answering complex search issues particularly in the German language with its linguistic tools, and providing top of the line search solutions. They have customers and partners in the United States of America, Canada, Germany, Greece, Finland, and the United Kingdom across industries as diverse as Oil & Gas, Financial Management, Aerospace & Defense and Travel & Hospitality.