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The help desk workers are optimally supported in their investigation process.

Documents are evaluated from all users based on a star system which then increases or decreases the ranking of the document in the system. This causes quality documents that solve issues to naturally float to the top of suggested documents for issues.

The time spent hunting for answers can be significantly reduced. For one project, there was a savings of more than 5% per help desk staff per day. With costs per employee of approximately € 30,000 per year including all employment costs, there is a clear return on investment over a short period.

The search solution can easily be integrated into the existing infrastructure.

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Here is a list of some of the most helpful features within our help desk application:

  • Searches in source code
  • Search for similar source code
  • Searching through previous cases for solutions
  • Generate FAQs based on common search queries
  • Identify most helpful documents
  • Support of the help desk staff in the investigation process
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