Web Extractor

Integrating Web Data for Business Intelligence

When you need to Integrate Web Data from the internet into your Marketing / Business Intelligence software, there are a number of approaches to accomplish this. Some of those require writing a program, modifying an existing program or finding a third party flexible Web Crawler. The Web Extractor is the latter of these options. With a diverse range of defined outputs and the ability to customise your output Integrating Web Data has never been easier.


The Web Extractor from 30 Digits is designed to solve the following challenges:

  1. Controlling output batch sizes to assist the flow of Web Data Integration into repositories
  2. a Web Crawler that does not require any coding to Integrate Web Data to your system
  3. Integrating Web Data to external software systems in varying output formats
  4. Normalize and standardize specific web data from a page to integrate it into the targeted repository

Should you:

  • Need a Web Crawler to Integrate Data into your system
  • Plan on Integrating Data from a website
  • Want Web Crawling Software / Integrating Web Data Software
  • Need to Integrate Web Data
  • Need more advanced and flexible integration solutions from a Web Crawler
  • Interested in Integrating Web Data

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