Internal Extractors

Extracting, Transforming and Loading

The Internal Extractors are vital ETL tools for integration and transferring data by

  • Extracting data from the data repositories
  • Transforming the data into structured and normalized data for other systems
  • Enriching it with metadata and related people, places and organizations
  • Loading it seamlessly in the content platform or system of your choice.

Simplicity, Scalability, and Security

ERDs, Schemas, and data mapping with all of the different formats, standards, and interfaces can be a daunting challenge. These tasks are completely taken over by the Extractors and made easy to manage through an intuitive web interface.  Through multi-threading and a distributed architecture, there is no limit to the size and speed a system can handle. All native security is maintained.


Extraction – Gathering the Data

Accessing the data in a system can seem simple at first, but when one gets into the details of  getting all the data, meta-data, and security details and do that in an efficient manor, it gets a bit more complex and many standard APIs fail the performance or stability tests. On top of that, one may want all the text out of the binary files for searching or enriching. The Extractors take care of all of this that you don’t have to.


Transformation – Modifying the Data for Purpose

When transferring data from one or more systems to another, there are inevitably changes necessary. Some fields need to be merged, split, or otherwise changed.  Dates have to be switched from one format to another. Codes have to be swapped or replaced. Calculations on numbers and text modifications are needed.  The Extractors handle all of these transformations and many more.


Normalization – Standardizing Non-Conform Data

Through the transformation, all the data can be modified to match a particular format. The fields and structure of the data can also be defined that they all match.  When all of this comes together, the data in the new system is normalized allowing for possibilities on the entire data set that weren’t possible before. Calculations, comparisons, search, and analysis reach new levels.


Enrichment – Adding & Improving the Data

Data in legacy systems was often submitted without thought or the possibility of reuse. This data can be enriched by fully taking advantage of not only the meta-data but also the very text in the documents. With NER, people, places, and organizations can be identified and assigned to the documents. Keywords and automated summaries can be generated with semantic technology. This is a value add the 30 Digits Extractors bring with them to make the most of your data.


Loading – Delivering the Data

Delivering the data to the target systems is an often overlooked item. With our Extractors though, the data feed is seemlessly integrated with the target systems allowing for live updates and immediate use. 

Additionally, the data can even be written simultaneously to disk for back-up or other usages.



Whether you would like us to handle the project from start to finish or just provide basic training, we have the services and trainings to fit your needs.

Extractors for any System

Connect to Anything

   Extractor Framework


   Oracle, MySQL, MS-SQL,

   DB2, Ingres, and many more

Document Management Systems





   IBM Lotus Notes

   Microsoft Exchange

Business Management Software




   Microsoft Exchange Mail

Content Management Systems









   Windows, UNIX, Linux


New Extractors for even more data repositories are always being developed. We can also build custom Extractors for any system you may have.

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