08.06.2010 - 

nbsp and 30 Digits Announce Strategic Partnership

nbsp GmbH, creator of the enterprise content management system (CMS) SiteFusion, has become an official OEM partner of 30 Digits GmbH to expand their publishing suite. The expansion provided by 30 Digits is intelligent search technology custom designed to fit with the needs of content publishers facing the challenges of the information flood which continues to expand and flow ever faster.

On one side, the functions and modules from 30 digits compliment the back office side of SiteFusion in information processing. On the other side, they offer nearly endless opportunities within the editor’s interface to enrich the content for publication.

    "We are pleased that we have joined forces with such a professional partner as 30 Digits who brings on the one hand extensive technical know-how and on the other reflects exactly our philosophy in software development"

    Thomas Weinberger, Head of Sales & Marketing nbsp
A few of the more powerful and unique features are:
  • Support of SEO activities such as
    1. Generating list of keywords from content
    1. Suggesting similar articles from both within a site and across multiple sites to link to
    1. Automatically enriching meta information with details like keywords and top terms
  • Automatically generated or editor suggested advertisements based on the displayed content
    1. This significantly improves click-through rates (CTR) increasing ad revenue
  • Automated linguistic summarization of the entire content
  • Auto-generated and navigable map of content on the site
  • User specific email alerts on favorite topics as they are published
    1. Bringing users back to the site
  • Suggesting related articles to the editor based on the text he is writing for publication which is beneficial for
    1. Researching historical articles
    1. Relating to similar current articles and upcoming articles
    1. Comparing against articles written by other publishers (partners and/or competitors)
The search feature within the site is also taken to new levels with best practices from search professionals built into the system. This incorporates content based filters, boosts on important fields like title, and dynamic clustering of related information. Not only are the best relevance algorithms applied, but sophisticated linguistic technology like lemmatization and decomposition are taken into account to assure the user does not miss any relevant content while preventing irrelevant content from surfacing.

The system goes even further in making it possible to monitor other publishers content, categorize it, and analyze trends. The chief editor can use this to identify hot topics, plan the publication layout, and differentiate from competition.

Is all of this extremely complex and impossible to work into a customer’s existing infrastructure? It actually integrates quite smoothly and easily into various systems through a standard API and XML communication. Success through mutually beneficial partnerships is a key strategy for both nbsp and 30 Digits.