30 Digits announces the release of new features in the Web Extractor for scraping and mining social media sites like Facebook and Twitter with precision and accuracy with a depth previously unknown.  More
30 Digits Web Extractor has combined the power and advantages using Regular Expressions for speed and simplicity combined with the power and flexibility of XPath.  More
Big Data is the focus of the coming MarkLogic World conference. Visit the conference and talk to 30 Digits about how they can assist with making the most out of that data.  More
30 Digits has a long standing and successful partnership with MarkLogic. Together powerful solutions have been designed, built, and implemented for leading oil and gas institutions and financial services organizations. Two strong examples of that are in the Risk Management and Customer On-Boarding areas.  More
The semantic web as a term is over 15 years old now. How close are we to its realization? How much longer will it take? Justin Gilbreath, the managing director of 30 Digits, provides insight into the development of the semantic web and practical alternatives of Web Extraction available now.  More
From the beginning, 30 Digits was not limited by geographical boundaries. While being based in Germany, the majority of business of the company has come from beyond its local clients. As markets in South America and Asia continue to grow and mature and even surpass their European and North American counterparts, 30 Digits is poised to ride this wave to the proverbially shore.  More
30 Digits, most well known for their world class Web Extractor which continues to structure data from the Internet and deliver it perfectly for repurposing, is also breaking ground in the internal data access market with innovations like the newest release of the Alfresco Extractor. Albeit lesser known, the internal data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) processes performed by the 30 Digits Extractors are powering systems in the world’s largest financial institutions, governments, and corporations. The application of them varies from cost saving actions consolidating data centers to making data more accessible through powering Enterprise Search applications to scanning and monitoring data for legal analysis.  More
The development team in Munich has been hard at work on bringing out the latest Extractors. After long hours of coding and testing, 30 Digits announces that the Lotus Notes and Facebook Extractors are ready for beta release. Now the team can head off to the Oktoberfest for a well deserved beer.  More
Only three and a half years old, 30 Digits has established itself as a serious player in the Information Access and Retrieval market. They started in Germany and picked up several customers there and quickly moved on to the United Kingdom. Customers and partners are now spread across Europe, North America, and South America.  More
Growth through Mergers & Acquisitions, Terabytes on Terabytes of data, multiple custom security models and methods, dozens of different data repositories, strict regulations, poorly scanned documents, and many other hurdles have all been overcome by 30 Digits to provide state of the art ETL solutions for the finance industry. Financial services companies and banks alike know there are major costs to maintaining so many different repositories for data which has accumulated over the years through various internal projects and acquired companies with their own set of systems. Many shy away from consolidating and updating them due to the significant technical challenges in moving and standardizing the information as well as handling the transition period. As documents and information continue to flood in, the value of having this mission critical data easy to find and use continues to grow. Thus, these institutions have begun to turn to 30 Digits with its long experience in data extraction and security mapping expertise. All aspects of the ETL (Extraction Tranform Load) process are handled with precision, speed, and flexibility.  More
In searching for a flexible extraction solution, Soft Consultoria has selected 30 Digits Web harvesting technology to feed key content into their Business Intelligence solution. The differentiator for Business Intelligence solution providers today is integrating the wealth of Internet content with their internal company content. This content needs to be of a high quality (no ads, navigation or other site artifacts), well tagged (using entity identification) and easy to integrate. With diverse websites to crawl or spider Internet content, ranging from news pages, industry related sites and social media; having an all-in-one solution was crucial to keep complexity and price down. The Web Extractor excels at each of these points going beyond just pulling data from the web by preparing the content in a format and structure for processing and comparison within the Business Intelligence tool. The data can be used for linking to internal content, navigation, building charts, making calculations, and much more.  More
viewr, the global position on real-estate, chooses 30 Digits as its primary partner for gathering property data. viewr presents properties from around the world on its portal for buyers searching a world market. 30 Digits solves the challenge of retrieving, classifying and structuring the information. More
The Alfresco Extractor launches on Valentine's day. While others are buying flowers and boxes of chocolates, we are bringing a different package to the market. As Alfresco continues to grow in the CMS market, it was only a matter of time before an Extractor for it was needed. Combine that with one of the world's largest investment banks requesting one from us, and the development team went into high gear. More
Portals and sites which aggregate real-estate properties for agents across the globe begin to reach out to 30 Digits to import these properties from minor sites into major portals. Agents gain wider distribution and quicker sales and portals become more relevant as they increase their offerings. It's a win for all.  More
Always crossing technology borders, 30 Digits now crosses the equator as well moving beyond Europe and North America into South America. Working together with a well connected and long standing Brazil consultancy, 30 Digits establishes a first customer and partner to begin expansion in one of the fastest growing new markets.  More
19.09.2010 - IDS v2.0 Launches
IDS is constantly being improved. Today is special though in that IDS has moved out of beta for v2 and is ready for implementation. Several of 30 Digits' customers will be implementing it right away due to the extensive additions to collaboration and ability to stay up to date on news across the information landscape.  More
The 30 Digits Information Discovery Suite (IDS) continues to show its flexibility and power. It has been applied to both the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry and the Airline industry in recent days.  More
nbsp GmbH, creator of the enterprise content management system (CMS) SiteFusion, has become an official OEM partner of 30 Digits GmbH to expand their publishing suite. The expansion provided by 30 Digits is intelligent search technology custom designed to fit with the needs of content publishers facing the challenges of the information flood which continues to expand and flow ever faster. More
The Information Discovery Suite (IDS) has been customized for the competitive intelligence market and applied to the UK Energy Utility industry. Working together with some of the major players in this market, the system has now reached 100 custom sites for Extraction. More
30 Digits today announces the launch of an exciting new strategic partnership with a leading system integrator, Ubertas, providing support services, consultancy and business solutions to government and commercial organizations in the UK. More
A new version of the File System Extractor has been released. It improved overall performance and got a whole new webinterface for easy configuration and clear process control.  More
DigitalPublic talks about how Web 2.0 technology is infiltrating the business world in Enterpise 2.0 with reference to 30 Digits. More
The "initiative Mittelstand" is always looking for creative new tools to benefit the mid-size companies in the market. This year, they found the 30 Digits Web Extractor and awarded it a place in the top 20 Business Intelligence tools. More
An article in CRMManager.de (in German) about what companies can learn from Obama's campaign in the Enterprise 2.0 space mentioning the benefits of the 30 Digits Web Extractor.  More
Version 2.0 of the 30 Digits Web Extractor has been released. Some of the new features include improved scalability, extensive live monitoring, inline testing for faster configuration, and features to follow links on even the most complex sites.  More
DigitalPublic talks about how Web 2.0 technology is infiltrating the business world in Enterpise 2.0 with reference to 30 Digits. More
The Digits partners with Sun Microsystems to provide complete hardware and software solution for a search appliance.  More
Mark Logic is a leading provider of information access and delivery solutions with its powerful XML content platform used by publishers, government agencies, and other large enterprises. 30 Digits was chosen because of its expertise in the Information Access and Retrieval market and experience with multilingual implementations.  More
The Information Discovery Suite is constantly under development. In the latest version (1.3), the user interface has undergone major revisions making it simultaneously easier to use and taking up less screen space. More
The Databae Extractor which is both easy to use and setup for complex database relationships has just reached version 2.0 with its new and improved architecture allowing it to have a central web administration and child server side instances to pull from multiple databases and tables simultaneously.  More
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