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Real Estate agents have always faced the problem of getting the maximum exposure for their properties. In today’s digital world having your own website isn’t enough to get the address the problem of exposure. Extensive internet SEO marketing is costly and is an approach that requires constant attention to stay in the game. It’s no wonder why internet sites (property portals) that specialize in displaying property listings from a multitude of real estate agents have appeared. Potential buyers monitor these property portals searching for their new home and/or investment. These portals have the marketing expertise and diverse content to get properties the exposure needed to connect with a larger market.

This development answers the basic need to get great exposure at a low cost but raises a new issue, how do I get all my properties onto a property portal? Also to get the maximum exposure, how do I get listed on as many of these portals as possible?

The answer is the 30 Digits Web Extractor! The web extractor can easily collaborate and convert your website’s property listing into a standardized format that property portals can effortlessly display online. This not only solves the issues that real estate agents have but also the issues of the property portals. Property portals have approached 30 Digits requesting that we provide them serviced quality property feeds from real estate agents. The key point being that; the format diversity between real estate sites was so large that it was not possible to provide a feed from some sites or the feed was not usable due to poor quality.

Having seen and heard this request from both sides 30 Digits have responded by establishing a service for Real Estate agents.  This service offers a quality service to real estate agents to broadcast their property listings to a vast range of property portals. For the property portals themselves Estate Broadcast offers quality property feeds for their site that not only increases their content but also the quality of their content. Thus, resulting in the highest quality content broadcast online.

Our goal is to make a seamless connection between real estate agents, their properties and property portals. Estate Broadcast, linking people to property.

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