Internal Extractors

Simplicity, Scalability, and Security

Scalability is clearly a must if one has a great deal of data. Maintaining the integrety of the security is essential for any system used by more than a few super users. Achieving simplicity is the art of turning the complex and difficult into appearing graceful and easy.

With the 30 Digits Extractors, we achieve scalability, security, and simplicity to your benefit.



The key aspects that make the Extractors easy to are:

  • Intuitive nature
  • Fully graphicial user interface
  • Sample functions
  • Test runs
  • Extensive logging

Any person who has used similar tools in the field will be amazed at the usability, testing functions, speed configurations can be setup and modified, and still not only maintaining but exceeding the power and flexibility of other systems.



Wether your data system are spread across the globe or the data to be processed is in the petabytes, the Extractor architecture is designed to handle it.

It is a distributed architecture allowing for a single point of administration and still multiple instances that can act independtly in gathering and processing the data. Each instance itself can have multiple jobs to handle different sources, varied requirements, and multiple schedules. Jobs themselves can even be multi-threaded both in gathering the data and the processing of binaries.

The options to increase the speed and tune to your environment and requirements are almost endless.



Security can seem fairly straightforward at the beginning. One just needs to gather the users and groups associated with a file and pass them on with the data. Unfortunately, the reality can be much more complicated. Every system can seem to have a seperate security methodology. The user and groups can be in seperate systems than the data itself. Keeping the security in sync with any changes made on the source system can be important for control on sensitive content.

The good news is that all of the scenarios are things that the Extractors have and can handle. No matter how custom or complex the security, it can be mapped and maintained.

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