28.08.2012 - 

Social Media Extraction 2.0

30 Digits announces new features for improved harvesting of social media data with its award winning Web Extractor. Scraping valuable insights from web sites like Facebook and Twitter was never accomplished with such detail and precision. The technical challenges of using the native APIs, XPath, Regular Expressions, and authentication methods have been tightly integrated into the spider. Now harvesting details, numbers, and other values can be done with speed and accuracy. This allows 30 Digits to deliver reliable data for monitoring, analysis, or other functions.

This new version of the Web Extractor will permit companies to gather a level of detail on a consistent basis to accomplish a number of tasks. Here are just a few:

  •     brand monitoring
  •     competitor intelligence
  •     financial analysis
  •     customer perception monitoring
  •     product analysis

For Internet scraping, social media monitoring, data mining, or web harvesting, 30 Digits sets the gold standard with its Web Extractor. The development team continues to build and top one achievement with the next keeping a step ahead.

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