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At 30 Digits, we face real world problems and meet them with practical solutions which are quickly implemented and ready to use.  Explore some of the common solutions we have provided in the past below or contact us to see how we can solve your business challenge today.

    “We are extremely happy with the optimization 30 Digits has made to our Market Research. On many points, our expectations were exceeded!”

    Dr. Barbara Schaden, Director
    Strategy - Competitive Intelligence – Infineon

Customer On-Boarding

The Customer On-Boarding solution unifies a complex information sea into a simple to use tool for accessing company wide information on customers securely. This benefits the company that implements, the employees that use it, and the end customer.

•  Optimizing Customers On-boarding Experience
•  Improving Long-Term Customer Relationship
•  Cost Savings

Risk Management

Is OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) valuable for your company in assessing risk? Do you want to merge that information with internal intelligence and reports? Would a central platform with the ability to manage all of this with multiple security levels and full text and geo-search capabilities help you assess and react to risks better? We have the skills and tools to make this happen and have built these systems for some of the world’s largest oil and gas corporations.


Hotel Review Aggregation

We gather, structure, and deliver review information from all the major hotel review sites as well as many of the small ones. We can attain reviews from any site you wish in any language. Our services include gathering full histories of review as well as daily updates.  Monitoring and quality assurance are also included.  No one on the market matches our quality, speed, and breadth.     


News Monitoring

Whether your purpose is monitoring specific topics, creating a feed on your website, or gathering market intelligence, 30 Digits can harvest the news you want and deliver it to you as often as need it. We can even identify people, places, products, and organizations of interest to you for automated categorization and filtering.


Social Media Awareness

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many more social media platforms are changing they way we interact with customers and handle brands. If you want an automated way to gather all the data from these sources in a unified way for easy overview and further processing, we can assist.


Enterprise Search

Google has made the web searchable. Your companies data can be searchable as well regardless of the number of data silos and the varying security levels. The volume of internal data created is increasing and much of it is unstructured. Let us help you take advantage of the entire information in your organization today.


Customer Care

The secret the providing top customer care is having the answers at the finger tips of those providing it. Some of that information is inside your company. Some of it is on the Web. We can make it all available over a simple and familiar web interface that agents answer quicker and better resulting in happier customers who are more likely to stay loyal after a positive experience.

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