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viewr Selects 30 Digits as Primary Property Data Provider

viewr, the global position on real-estate, chooses 30 Digits as its primary partner for gathering property data. viewr presents properties from around the world on its portal for buyers searching a world market. 30 Digits solves the challenge of retrieving, classifying and structuring the information.

The challenge is that these properties are on real-estate agent‘s sites of all different types. Some of the sites are created by hand with just a few houses; others have tens of thousands of properties managed by a CMS with dozens of agents behind them. These sites are each individual having properties with attributes like number of beds and baths which can be expressed via images or numbers. The prices will also be in multiple formats and currencies. Further, the layout and style of the address and phone number can be many and varied. The examples of variations and discrepancies could go on and on.

The 30 Digits Web Extractor handles all of these challenges. It is precise in picking just the sections of the site to spider. It narrows in on the exact content needed for each field, whether the data is visible on the page, in pop-ups, on secondary pages or unstructured text. The Web Extractor goes even further in normalizing and transforming the data into just the value that viewr needs. On top of that, it creates a single snapshot of the information on a property even when the data is scattered across multiple web pages i.e. property name and country on different pages than the details or images. This is all then nicely structured in XML and delivered directly to viewr.

    “We have looked at and used many different Web Scraping and Harvesting tools. We are happy to find in 30 Digits a partner that can tackle complex websites and deliver property information just like we want it, in short time frames, and fitting our business model.”

    Karl Lingenfelder. CEO of viewr
Additionally, the small one man agent shop is going to have very different needs for updates than a large real-estate conglomerate. 30 Digits has solved this with on-demand extraction. The agent only pays when they want an update as rarely or as frequently as they request.

All of this works out to four winning ingredients for viewr, the agents, and the property searcher:
  • A simple and unified view for the user
  • No extra work or IT overhead for the real-estate agents
  • Costs are on scale with the needs
  • viewr can concentrate on their core site without worrying about data aggregation
About 30 Digits
30 Digits GmbH is a vibrant young company built on the experience of search veterans, the power and speed of development from the open source community, and innovative ideas to the information retrieval and access market. 30 Digits focuses primarily on harvesting, structuring, and enriching data from the Internet with its Web Extractor, answering complex search issues particularly in the German language with its linguistic tools, and providing top of the line search solutions to small and medium size enterprises.

About viewr
viewr is the first Globally Integrated Real Estate Web Site where anyone in the world can explore real estate and possibilities for living throughout the globe. In our increasingly globalized world viewr technology will make trans-national and cross border real estate transactions and understanding ever easier. A primary goal of viewr is to break down barriers and empower individuals.

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